A letter of application - Quiz

Formal letter writing quiz:

1) When an individual is being addressed, the salutation usually takes one of the following forms:

(a) Dear Mr. Woy,
(b) Dear Mr. John Woy,
(c) Dear Woy,

2) Two forms are seldom used when you don’t know the recipient’s name:

(a) Dear Sirs,
(b) Gentlemen,
(c) Dear Sir or Madam,

3) If you only know the recipient’s position you should address him or her as:

(a) Dear Manager,
(b) Dear Sirs,
(c) You don’t use a salutation in that case.

4. In a letter of application, the most common endings are:

(a) “Yours truly,” “Yours faithfully,” “Yours sincerely,”
(b) “Cordially yours,” “Respectfully,” “Cheers,”

5. Which group of expressions should you avoid in a letter of application?

(a) In addition / happy / I am certain that ... , will,
(b) Although / not / I am afraid ...
(c) too (small / expensive), might, may, could

6. The following should not be used in formal letters:

(a) adjectives (friendly, passionate, etc.)
(b) contracted forms (don’t, isn’t, wouldn’t, etc.)
(c) indirect questions (Could you tell me how I can get to the hotel?)

7. Cross out the informal expression in each pair:

(a) I’m writing about / I am writing in response to your advertisement...
(b) I also have some queries / a couple of questions regarding costs
(c) Could you also let me know / indicate whether the cost of excursions is included?
(e) I want /would like further information about your courses.
(d) I’m looking /I look forward to receiving your reply / getting your answer

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