Class of 2010 2 Formal linkers and expressions

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Class of 2010 2 - Writing parts 1 and 2 - Indirect questions

In part 1 you may have to write a letter or an e-mail requesting information or services; this type of letter is called a letter of inquiry. You may have to ask a friend to put you up at his house during your visit to his hometown. You can use indirect questions as you don't want to impose.

Example: Can I stay at your house for the weekend?
Indirect question: Do you think I can stay at your house for the weekend?
Would you mind if I stayed at your house for the weekend?

Transform the following direct questions into indirect questions by adding the following expressions:

Do you know if...?
Could you tell me...?
Can you tell me...?
Do you think you could ...?
Do you think you can...?
Would you mind ...ing...?
I was wondering if you could...
I wonder if you can/it is possible to ...
Do you know where/when/if...?

Notice word order changes and auxiliary verbs in direct vs. indirect questions:

Where is the nearest bus station?

Could you tell me where the nearest bus station is?

Do you have free time on the weekends?

Do you think you have free time on the weekends?

Can you book the hotel room for me?
Is there a bus stop near your house?
Can I come and stay with you next weekend?
Can I use your car?
How is the weather at this time of year?
Could you help me with my exams?
Can you pick me up at the airport?
What's the name of the village where your father was born?
Can you give me a ride to the airport?
When are you free on Tuesday?
Do you know how to operate this photocopier?
Are you free next week?
Does your brother like surprise birthday parties?
Are students allowed in the teachers' lounge?

You can hand in your sentences any time!

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Vocabulary review - Word Formation - Class of 2010 2

How can you form the adjective of the following nouns:

1) Ex: health - healthy

2) finance
3) commerce
4) psychology
5) politics
6) anxiety
7) influence
8) residence
9) mystery
10) advantage

Now write sentences using the adjectives that you formed!

Class of 2010 2 - Checklist for your written work

Hi everyone!

Your next assignment consists of writing a letter of application for Paper 2 (Writing) Part 2:

When you have finished, go through the following checklist:

(1) Have you included all the notes?
(2) Have you used paragraphs?
(3) Have you written the right number of words?
(4) Have you linked the points clearly?
(5) Have you made any mistakes in grammar or spelling?
(6) Have you used a range of vocabulary? Are there any words you have used too many times? Don't use adjectives such as 'good' or 'bad,' for example. Be more specific!
(7) Have you started the letter or email correctly?
(8) Have you used the right style for the person you are writing to?

Remember that it's going to be your first draft and that you may have to rewrite it!

See you next class!

A letter of application - Quiz

Formal letter writing quiz:

1) When an individual is being addressed, the salutation usually takes one of the following forms:

(a) Dear Mr. Woy,
(b) Dear Mr. John Woy,
(c) Dear Woy,

2) Two forms are seldom used when you don’t know the recipient’s name:

(a) Dear Sirs,
(b) Gentlemen,
(c) Dear Sir or Madam,

3) If you only know the recipient’s position you should address him or her as:

(a) Dear Manager,
(b) Dear Sirs,
(c) You don’t use a salutation in that case.

4. In a letter of application, the most common endings are:

(a) “Yours truly,” “Yours faithfully,” “Yours sincerely,”
(b) “Cordially yours,” “Respectfully,” “Cheers,”

5. Which group of expressions should you avoid in a letter of application?

(a) In addition / happy / I am certain that ... , will,
(b) Although / not / I am afraid ...
(c) too (small / expensive), might, may, could

6. The following should not be used in formal letters:

(a) adjectives (friendly, passionate, etc.)
(b) contracted forms (don’t, isn’t, wouldn’t, etc.)
(c) indirect questions (Could you tell me how I can get to the hotel?)

7. Cross out the informal expression in each pair:

(a) I’m writing about / I am writing in response to your advertisement...
(b) I also have some queries / a couple of questions regarding costs
(c) Could you also let me know / indicate whether the cost of excursions is included?
(e) I want /would like further information about your courses.
(d) I’m looking /I look forward to receiving your reply / getting your answer