Class of 2010 2 - Checklist for your written work

Hi everyone!

Your next assignment consists of writing a letter of application for Paper 2 (Writing) Part 2:

When you have finished, go through the following checklist:

(1) Have you included all the notes?
(2) Have you used paragraphs?
(3) Have you written the right number of words?
(4) Have you linked the points clearly?
(5) Have you made any mistakes in grammar or spelling?
(6) Have you used a range of vocabulary? Are there any words you have used too many times? Don't use adjectives such as 'good' or 'bad,' for example. Be more specific!
(7) Have you started the letter or email correctly?
(8) Have you used the right style for the person you are writing to?

Remember that it's going to be your first draft and that you may have to rewrite it!

See you next class!

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