Reading in English

Paper 1 is certainly the most tiring paper of all. Although Paper 4 requires a greater amount of concentration, paper 1 involves the use of strategies we have long forgotten. Using these strategies not only makes it easier to read but also faster. We might use them in everyday tasks but little are we aware of them. So here are a few things we can do to save time and score high on paper 1:

a) Quickly read the text to find out what it's about;
b) take a look at the questions and go back to the text to find the answers to them;
c) when you find a passage that (probably) contains the answer, underline it;
d) look at the options and rule out any improbable answer;
e) remember that all the options may be present in the text but only one addresses the question;
f) don't choose a definite answer right now; move on to the next question. Maybe you'll find the answer to previous questions while you're looking for something else;
g) but focus on one or two questions at a time as you might easily mix up the questions if you're too tense (and it's likely to be the case)!

Think about this!
See you on Monday!

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