A word about punctuation

First of all, the keys to the punctuation activities are coming soon! I'll post them by Firday!

As I told you last Monday, punctuation is not a key issue in the writing paper; however, correct use of colons, semicolons, and commas is essential for your text to be understood. Wrong punctuation compromises coherence and comprehension of your writing. Punctuation markers also help organize the various elements in a sentence --- they make it easier for your reader to understand your ideas. This is the reason I've decided to introduce this topic in our class. You can check out some quick rules for the use of punctuation markers on the site below:

The good news is that -- with very few exceptions, the rules are valid for both English and Portuguese.

Capitalizing words such as days of the week and months, for example, also shows good command of the language!

Visit our blog again and check the answers!

Have a nice holiday!

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