General tips for speaking!

1) Don't worry if the interlocutor stops you before you have finished. This means that time's up. (Make sure you are objective)

2) Don't worry about mistakes you make. Remember that you'll be assessed on:

a) discourse management (how you develop your ideas);
b) pronunciation;
c) interactive communication (looking at your partner, reacting to his or her ideas, agreeing and disagreeing, etc)
d) grammar and vocabulary;
e) global achievement (an overall mark)

3) You have exactly 14 minutes (if you're sitting the examination with another candidate) for the whole paper;
4) Don't try to talk all the time. Don't interrupt your partner while they're speaking. Pay attention to what they're saying so that you don't get lost.
5) Speak clearly so that both the interlocutor and assessor understand and hear what you are saying;
6) You may ask the interlocutor to repeat the instructions and remember that the pictures have the questions written on top!


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