Speaking - PAPER 5

Dear candidates,

Most of you have already had the chance to experience the PAPER 5 in the past two weeks. It is indeed a very challenging task and that's why we will repeat it two more times before the big day. Here's a useful tip for this type of task:

Do use some of the expressions we learned on Monday 28. And when you use them do sound natural and don't overuse them. Examiners don't want to hear two or three expressions at a time. Be subtle!

Rehearsing ( in the good sense ) will do you no harm, so it's a good idea to think of ways to insert some of those expressions in everyday speech.

That's what we will do next class!

Native speakers will use them here and there!

One thing that you can do is watch a talk show on Youtube (David Letterman, for example) and observe what speakers say to keep the conversation going. How do they agree or disagree with each other? Bring your findings next class.

Food for thought!

Have a nice holiday!

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