Breaking news about our book!!!

It has just been confirmed that the book for this semester is:


Make sure you buy a copy with answers and that contains the updated exam papers.

This book contains four past tests, that is, FCE tests that were used in previous years. Each test contains five papers:

PAPER 1 - Reading
PAPER 2 - Writing parts 1 and 2
PAPER 3 - Use of English
Paper 4 - Listening
PAPER 5 - Speaking parts 1,2,3 and 4

Most of the book will be used in class, so it's important that we all have the books next week (August 24).

FIRST CERTIFICATE IN ENGLISH 1 should be available at SBS this week. If you're looking for another option, try DISAL bookstore on Real Grandeza street.

Please visit their websites for more information and contact:


In the meantime feel free to explore the blog and leave your comments if you like. Don't forget to read the older posts as they contain useful information on all the papers.

Please check our February post on the set texts for the FCE. In the FCE exam you can read one or two books and write about them in PAPER 2 if you like. PAPER 2 part 2 contains 4 tasks, which may be a letter, a story, a report or an article and the 4th task is about one of the books you have read. I recommend that candidates read the books in order to have one more option in the writing paper in case they run out of ideas (or inspiration, as you might say) when attempting to do the other tasks.

In other words, it's just one more card up your sleeve!

Have a nice week!


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