FCE Paper 4 Listening

Paper 4 is also a challenge for most candidates but the good news is that you will listen to the same recording twice, so even if you think you've got all the answers right, don't miss this second chance. Here are a few tips that you can use in class:
  1. Be on time. If you arrive in the middle of a listening exercise you will probably distract the other students.
  2. I will put an 'ongoing listening test' notice on the door when the listening starts. Open your book on the given page and walk in as quietly as possible and I will tell you where to start from. Please don't ask questions or make noise.
  3. Listen to the instructions carefully as you concentrate on the speaker's voice, tone, and pronunciation. By the time the actual task starts, you will be fully concentrated.
  4. Work quietly. Don't make any comments.
  5. When checking your answers go to the audioscript and look for words and expressions that you didn't fully understand. Look up words in the dictionary if necessary. Share your impressions with your classmates.
  6. You will listen to a variety of interviews and talks about different topics. Be prepared.
  7. If you didn't figure something out move on to the next question. Remember that you will hear this one more time.
  8. If you didn't figure something out the second time you heard it, move on to the next answer. You won't have a third shot.

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