FCE Paper 2 - How to deal with written assignments

Paper 2 is usually the most challenging task for most students. One reason is that we don't get much practice in our everyday lives. We will be dealing with a wide range of texts in our course. You will write an average of 2 compositions every week (either in class or at home). Here are a few tips to make the most of our writing tasks:
  1. Don't type your compositions. Handwrite them and make sure that it is intelligible so that the examiners can understand it!
  2. Pay attention to the layout and organization of your text.
  3. Count the words and stick to the limit of words. The examiner will cross out anything that exceeds the maximum limit. You will also be penalized if you write less than the minimum limit.
  4. Do your assignments.
  5. When I return your drafts, read my suggestions carefully and rewrite your compositions using the suggestions. You shouldn't write a completely new one.
  6. Use a dictionary to help you with expressions and words. Use your vocabulary notebook! You won't be allowed to use a dictionary during the FCE exam, so find the words you need now!
  7. Read one or both set books. It's one more option for you when taking the FCE.

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